How to Style Your Hair With Glitter




Introduction: How to Style Your Hair With Glitter

What is there to explain about the beauty and magic of glitter? It's pretty, it's shiny, it comes in every color, it looks good on everyone - and everything, which is good, because it will get everywhere. But that's the point. The more glitter, the merrier.

You'll need: Glitter, hair styling product - gel is ideal, and a strong hold hairspray or mousse can work as well.

I was heavily inspired by Daniel Moon (@majormoonn), a hair colorist who makes these amazing glitter hair gels called Major Moonshine. I would love to get myself some but as an indebted beauty school student, I decided to come up with an alternative to dishing out $28 on a fancy pot of glitter. So I went to the art supply store, picked up a few $3 pots of glitter, mixed them with hair gel, and voila. My hair, wardrobe, and entire house are covered in glitter. And my boyfriend loves it. I'm exaggerating, but glitter does like to spread out, so keep that in mind.

Read on for some tips on mixing and applying your own glitter gel!

[Photos: Photo of Sarah with glitter gel I made, via my Instagram; Daniel Moon; Major Moonshine glitter gel in Galaxy's Rainbow; amazing pink glitter on Shauna Corsa via her Instagram; Major Moonshine glitter gel in Bluecid Dreamer]

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Step 1: Applying Glitter Gel

It's a pretty straightforward process, but I did learn a few surprising tips while I was experimenting with different glitter + product combinations.

1. If you're using larger glitter, or there are larger glitter pieces mixed into your glitter, use more of it so it creates a more intensely reflective, sparkly look. Otherwise, it looks like you have dirt and debris in your hair. Not cute.

2. If you're using finer glitter, you can get away with applying it more sparsely for a more subtle work.

3. When mixing glitter with gel, pour the glitter out first, and then lay the gel gently on top of it. This will keep glitter from flying everywhere when you try to mix it up.

4. If you have a heavy-duty hairspray, you can achieve the same effect by styling the hair wet, applying glitter straight to your wet hair, and then spraying it all down. You might be able to get away with doing the same thing on dry hair, but I would imagine that without anything to stick to, a lot of the glitter could fall everywhere before the hairspray got to it.

Thanks for reading, have fun with your glittery hair! Feel free to check out my blog, connect with me on Twitter, follow me on Instagram, or check out my Pinterest boards.

[Photos: Photo of glitter gel and paintbrush via my Instagram; photo of haircut and glitter style by yours truly; last three shots are from the Myer Spring show with amazing glitter-shellacked buns by Brad Ngata.]

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Won't the glitter take a long time to wash out though? Looks awesome :D


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting idea. Do you find that at light gel application works better than the commercially available glitter hair sprays? Those are great for more subtle looks, but you end up with glitter dandruff an hour in.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love this! I'll definitely be using it for my next costume!