How to Survive Rocket Attacks




Introduction: How to Survive Rocket Attacks

I live with my wife and children in the Southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva. Recently the city has received rocket fire from Hamas terrorists living in Gaza. The intention of this instructable is not to be political but to offer a "How to Survive Guide" in the event you might be under rocket fire.

This video was posted by university student Morag Agmon.  The rocket landed in an area between the student dorms and pubs.

Step 1: Determine Your City's Proximity

Understanding where your city is located is important to your survival. This will determine the type of rocket and its range. A siren or "Color Red Warning" will alert you to an incoming rocket. Beer Sheva for instance is 24 miles (40km) from the Gaza Strip. From the time the siren is sounded, Beer Sheva residents have 1 minute to find shelter. On the other hand, the city of Sderot, 1.2 miles (2 km) away from the Gaza boarder, has 15 seconds.

Step 2: Find Shelter

In the event the siren is heard, find shelter fast. In the case for our family, our 1.5 year old's room doubles as a security room. Its like a bomb shelter with extra thick walls, a large steel plate covering the window, special ventilation, and a steel door. We moved our bed into the shelter last week in case we didn't wake up in the middle of the night from the siren.

For more information, visit the IDF home front instructional video.
How to behave in a Qassam Rocket or Mortar Attack

Step 3: Supplies

Its important to pray for the best but prepare for the worst. We keep water and food handy. Israel also distributes gas masks to its citizens in the event of a chemical or biological attack.

Step 4: Pray This Will Be Over Soon



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    wow...... this comments section ended up to be quite a warzone..... good advice. I live in africa so rockets are not the thing, riots are. maybe everyone should just eat more cabage or realize that this life we have could be the only self aware time we will ever have and wasting it on pointsless heated comments seems pointless.

    I mean a reinforced dining table. If a few kilos rocket strikes your lemon trees it's a problem
    but if strikes the roof of your home that could be the problem . Also if it does not blast down the ceiling it imagine for sure some concrete debris falling, I talked with people as my two parents involved in heavy bombings and air strikes and I realized that minor protections also can make some difference in some case. I looked at the map, it seems that closer the lighter rockets but much more you are targeted, is that how it goes?

    I'm part Jewish (not bar mitzvah'd tho), but I still have to laugh at the fact that your one year old sleeps on a money pillow. No offense, just enjoying a joke.

    11 replies

    Thanks for the post. Actually the pillow is mine. You technically had a Bar Mitzvah when you turned 13. The ceremony has nothing to do with you being Jewish, its only only tradition. On your next vacation, you should come visit Israel. Its a beautiful country rich in history and culture. Good Luck

    ive been to Israel as a student on a summer program during the second lebanon israel war, and it was incredibly safe. if you have excuses you never going to experiance the beauty and magnificence of Israel. you got to have some guts

    and risk having them blown out? No thank you. We all have different amounts of "guts" and and mine do not permit me to travel during war time

    I'm American and I have to say that Israel is my favorite country. It even says (loosely translated) in my religion "He he curses Israel, himself shall be cursed" I'm not Jewish but I respect you guys for fighting hard for what you believe in and if I'm ever ordered to fire upon an Israeli in the Marine Corps I'd rather die.

    This guy is just trying to give some advice on how to help keep your family members alive in a specific war zone and you jokers want to turn it into a political forum.

    My 2cents....some people think that they are smarter than what they really are and that the majority of other people are stupider than them. Brainwashed people don't know that they are brainwashed. Stupid people are too stupid to know that they are stupid.

    If you identify closely with any religion or political party, unless you're at the top, then the chances are that one or more of those 3 statements applies to you and you are just being used.

    3 replies

    Actually the Palestinians have a right to be pissed. The Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands is an ILLEGAL one as per UN Security Council Resolution 242 but because israel = Little America this has never been enforced.

    The UN is a joke. It always has been. NOTHING that they make rules on can do anything unless the US says so, because they DO NOT have their own army. Without an army, they are a government composed of nothing but politicians and spies with no one to govern, and no way to govern them. That was never their intended purpose anyway. They were created so that the world's leaders could meet and talk without doing so in a battlefield. I feel that the US should withdraw from the UN, remove it's hand from world politics, and leave everyone else the hell alone. The world can support the UN, or the UN can crumble. Either way. As soon as we are independant of oil, we need to target enemy states like Saudi Arabia and Iran, and preemptively destroy them. Send a message to the rest of the world that you can hate us all you want, but if you attack us, we will exterminate you.

    Yes america should leave the UN but for different reasons. I know its unlikely that you will be able to step back and look at the situation objectively because of the American propaganda machine but Saudi Arabia and Iran and the middle east in general have been exploited by america and if people in any of those countries do hate americans its because of the actions of your government and exploitive industries. It is not helped by ignorant attitudes like yours. Do you realise that the US war OF terror is mainly because of your war machine's and economy's dependence on oil. Without war's and fearmongering how else can the government justify the money it spends on the military and the rights it takes from its citizens! Nobody else in the world is surprised by the despicible tactics of the "mighty" US government - ask people around the world and they'll tell you that all America does is bully smaller nations. Wake up America!