How to Survive Your First Couple Nights on Minecraft PE

Minecraft is a very popular game by Mojang. The game has a wide range of querks and tricks up it's sleeve. And newcomers (like myself) will probably end up scratching their heads not knowing what to do at all. That is why decided to make the quick tutorial on how to survive your first few nights on Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Please note that I'm using version 0.15.6 for Android. I don't know if your older version has the same rules for items.

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Step 1: Your Hands Are Your Best Friend

The title should speak for itself, when you start off in Survival Mode, you have nothing, absolutely nothing. Except your hands. Go walk up to a tree and start punching the crap out of it (touch and hold). You will see that there are little mini cubes on the ground, walk up to them and pick them up. You will see that they appear in that little bar of yours at the bottom of the screen. Keep punching more trees until you get at least 10 pieces. Now tap on the three little white dots on the bottom of your screen and go to the tab in the middle. Make planks out of the woods to just got. Then, make a crafting table.

Step 2: The Sun Is Not Your Best Friend

When the sun goes down the monsters of Minecraft start to come out so it's best to get most of this done by nightfall.

Note: Monsters won't come out if your difficulty level is set to peaceful

Step 3: Working the Crafting Table

The crafting table is the only thing that's gonna keep you alive. Without the crafting table, you can't make anything. Without being able to make things, you have no shelter. Without shelter, monsters get to you and you die.

Let's make a sword shall we?

With the planks of wood, make a stick
Then, make a sword

YAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! You did it!!! ?

Step 4: Shelter

The biggest mistake newcomers make is when they make their shelter with their hands instead of making a crafting table first. Simply because things take longer to break stuff with your hands than with a pickaxe or an axe.
The easiest way make shelter is to make a cave on the side of a mountain, or find a cave that is already made and seal it off.

Step 5: Hunting

It's simple, walk up to an animal and kill them with your sword and take the goodies that come with them.

In this aspect you just one thing to do:
Kill three sheep and take their wool to make a bed

Step 6: Finding Stone

Stone is everywhere in Minecraft. On the side of mountains, on the ground, under the ground... everywhere. Make yourself a pickaxe and go give your little block legs a workout and find some stone.
Once you've found some stone, start hitting it with the pickaxe. The darkish stones are cobblestone, the lighter ones are andesite. If you find some blocks with colored does inside them (red, blue, black, etc...) pick at those immediately, they can be either coal (black), iron (red), diamond (blue), or gold (gold).

Step 7: Monsters

I have yet to kill a monster on Survival Mode, and there's a good reason; IT'S FREAKIN HARD.
By the time they're close to you and you too kill them, you're already dead. So until you can make a bow and arrow, I world recommend just running away.

Step 8: Wrapping It All Up

Well there you have it! If happened to miss anything plz let me know in the comments section. Thank you!

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    me and my friend were working on a school project and this helped us alot thanku for making this easy for us

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