How to Survive a Night in Minecraft 0.8.1 or Any Other Version

Introduction: How to Survive a Night in Minecraft 0.8.1 or Any Other Version

Are you new to minecraft? Well, here's how to survive a night in minecraft. One of the materials you are going to need is minecraft 0.8.1 or any other version that is on a touch screen. Once you have that, you are set. So, lets get surviving!!!! :)

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Step 1: WOOD!

First, you need to spawn your world. All the seeds are different, some have more things that you want, some less. Now you want wood. All you have to do is touch the wood with your finger until it breaks. Then just keep doing that until you have about 10 pieces of wood. Then, where the ... is next to your inventory, press it and make oak planks by touching the box next to it. then, make a crafting table the same way. And make some sticks too. Then place the crafting table down and make an axe, a pickaxe and a sword by just tapping the crafting table. Get more wood if you need it. but save some wood and don't make it into planks. You'll need it later.

Step 2: Home, Sweet Home

Now, you want to mine a 2 high room and about 8 wide and long. I dunno. You decide. Now, you want to make better tools out of stone. So place a crafting table down and make the supplies you need. then make a furnace and put that wood that I told you to save in the top box, and anything else in the bottom. Then wait for a while until you have CHARCOAL!! Then make some sticks and make some torches. And if you have any wool, make a bed. If not, you can start mining. But remember to put a lot of torches down, or else Monsters will spawn. By the time you've done all that, it's morning!!

See my next instructable to know what to do next!

If you have any questions , please, ask away!

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