How to Survive in the Wilderness

Introduction: How to Survive in the Wilderness

The following are a few tips of surviving in the wilderness. You should always bring an "emergency pack" if you ever go out in the wilderness. This pack could include a small food bar like a granola bar, you could also include flint and steel to start a fire. Starting a fire is one of the most important things to surviving in the wilderness because you don't want to get hypothermia and you can use it to sanitize water.

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Step 1:

 To start a fire you will first have to gather some wood.

Step 2:

Than once you have enough wood you can use your flint and steel in your "emergency pack" you can use it to light the fire and remember you always want more wood than less wood. "Its always better to have more and not need it to have less and need it". Below is an example of flint and steel. You can then start lighting the fire.

Step 3:

You can now start to make "camp" if your on a hiking trip you probably packed a tent that you can set up but if not you will have to gather more wood to make a shelter. If you are making a shelter you can get an idea on how to by looking at this.

Step 4:

Once you have a fire and shelter you'll have to find food and water to find water you have to find a lake or river like the picture seen. You'll also need to find an animal if you have a bow and arrow if you went hunting but if not you'll need to find wild berries or some kind of eatable nuts or plants. 

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