How to Survive the First Night in Minecraft (ps3)



Introduction: How to Survive the First Night in Minecraft (ps3)

If you are one of those people who gets a game, go's home, inserts the disc in to your game console, sits down and press's random buttons to see what happens, then click here if you want to know an easier way to survive your first day and night in Minecraft :) .

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Step 1: Things You Need

  • Play station three (PS3)
  • Full edition Minecraft PS3 game disc
  • A TV
  • Yourself

Lets do this

Step 2: Getting Started

After you press play you will come to a second menu. At the top of the menu you can select an option tagged "create world".Once that is done you will come to the third and last menu, I would recommend going straight to the load button.

  • Controls in game play:
  • "R":look
  • "L":move
  • "X":jump
  • "triangle":inventory
  • "square":crafting
  • "O":drop held item
  • "R2":mine
  • "L2":place
  • "R1":cycle held item (right)
  • "L1":cycle held item (left)
  • Controls in crafting:
  • "R":move pointer
  • "X":craft (create item)
  • "O":exit crafting table
  • "R1":change group (right) (the categories at the top of the crafting menu)
  • "L2":change group (left)

Step 3: Making a Crafting Table

When you spawn, the first thing you want to do is make a crafting table and to do that you need some wood and to do that you need to punch some trees(Try to find a forested area with a big hill/mountain). Point the cross in the middle of the screen at a tree then press and hold "R2" until a section of the tree pops out and shrinks(above)then mine the rest and collect the wood by touching it.

Reminder: when you pick up an item it will pop up in the tool bar at the bottom of your screen. Go into your mini crafting table and and click on wood planks 3 to 4 times then slide over to crafting table and craft it.

once crafted, exit your mini crafting table and place it.

Step 4: Make'n Ye Tools

In order to make a house you will need the following tools; a pickax, shovel, an ax and a sword.

Go into your new and improved crafting table select the sticks from the structure category then select all the tools that are listed above in the tools and weapons category

Step 5: Making Your Shelter

Before you build your house make sure that you have murdered at least three sheep (for there wool).

Now, to build your house do the following

  1. Locate a hill
  2. Dig a tunnel with the following dimensions :3 blocks high,2 blocks wide and 8 blocks deep
  3. In your new crafting table craft a bed in the structures category with the WOOL FROM THE SHEEP YOU MURDERED
  4. Place the bed in the tunnel one block away from the end/wall
  5. In the structures category, craft a door(crafting one will give you three doors)
  6. Place the doors at the entrance of the tunnel

Step 6: Good Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Sheep Bite

At dusk retreat to your home and go to sleep(press"L2" to go to sleep)

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    6 Discussions

    robot bx-31
    robot bx-31

    3 years ago

    I died i dont make bed i die i have pc edition. oh, maybe mention creepers

    robot bx-31
    robot bx-31

    3 years ago

    I died i dont make bed i die i have pc edition. oh, maybe mention creepers

    robot bx-31
    robot bx-31

    3 years ago

    I died i dont make bed i die i have pc edition. oh, maybe mention creepers

    Bonnie is a girl
    Bonnie is a girl

    3 years ago

    First time I died I was chased by 10 zombies 3 spiders 5 skeletons and hit 2 endermen in the process of running away it was terrible so now I make a bed before anything else

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    I think it took me 3 minutes to die the first time I played minecraft.