How to Take Amazing Pet Photos

Introduction: How to Take Amazing Pet Photos

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in order to take great photos, you need a great camera!

the camera I will be using in this instructable is the Canon Eos Rebel T6, you do not need a super expensive camera to take pictures. Animals can be difficult to take pictures of because of how much they move, using a high shutter speed can help pause the motion, with a high shutter speed the camera takes the picture so fast that no movement is detected, with about 1/400 shutter speed can pause most human motion. If you are using a digital DSLR like me, feel free to explore, after all you can just delete the bad photos.

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like I said in the first step, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to do this, you may even be able to use a smartphone if you are very familiar with it, but try to have a camera with aperture range and a high shutter speed

If you don't want to worry about shutter speed you can buy some treats for your pet to keep them still, shown in the picture are some amazing treats I found.

Step 2: FOCUS

always be sure to focus your images before pressing the capture button, no-one want blurry dogs!

Dogs are great for taking pictures, always think about what you want your picture to turn out as.

If you want a blurry background like in the title image, change the aperture in your camera settings, the aperture or f-stop is how open the hole is on your camera

Step 3: Ending

if your pictures don't turn out, try again practice makes perfect

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