How to Take High Angle Shots Using Simple Equipment You Already Have!

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High angle shots or overhead shots can make your videos more unique and fun to watch. And taking high angle shots is easier than you think with this simple trick! We can easily achieve a good result using basic equipment you already have. You can use either a basic monopod, a tripod or a selfie stick.

Step 1: Mount Your Camera to a Tripod or Monopod. Make Sure to Lock It Off So It Won’t Fall While Shooting.

Step 2: Use Auto Focus on Your Camera As You Won’t Be Able to Adjust the Focus From the Elevated Position.

Step 3: Now You Can Lift the Camera Up and Start Recording.

You can also rest it on a lamp or other tall braces to ensure the stability. If you are taking the high angle shots with your phone, you can use a selfie stick as well.

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