How to Take Your PSP ISOs and CSOs on the Road!!!





If you have Custom Firmware on your PSP then you know that you can play homebrew games or Psp ISOs and CSOs. But here is the issue I was facing: I played the games I transferred onto the psp then quickly got bored and wanted to change the games,(I had about 40 different games for the psp on my computer) but what if your on a long trip or are far away from your computer? Simple: Convert to DAX, burn and UN-compress.

This is my first instrucable so constructive criticism only please.

Credit for this picture to

Step 1: Necessary Items

Very Important! Do not delete the RAR or EXE the compressor comes in! You will need to burn it later!''

And a Data Dvd Burning Software

Psp ISOs (pr CSO)
Blank Dvd
A USB cable for transferring the files
A CFW enabled PSP

Step 2: Install Program

After downloading the program install it. If you dont know how to do this you are in the wrong place.
Make sure you have a shortcut on the desktop ( Im not sure if it even asks for this)

Step 3: Compressing

Create a folder on the desktop named "TEMP" (or whatever you want)

Open the program you just installed and select the first Radio button on the left that says "Convert ISO>DAX" If you want to convert a CSO go a little further down and there will be "Convert CSO>DAX"

Browse to your ISO or CSO using the "Browse" button under Input. Then select your image file.

Under "Output" browse to your Temp folder and hit Compress

This shouldn't take all that long if it is an average sized Iso (400-700mb) If it is over 1gb then it will lag your whole computer.

This procedure can also be done to compress Isos to CSOs to save space on a memory card.

Step 4: Burning

After you have a decent amount of DAX files open up your burning software:

I am using Nero 8 but whatever you use, make sure you select Data dvd.

Drag and Drop your desired files into the window (Or if you do not have many DAX files then just drag the whole folder over)

Remember when I told you not to delete the program? This is why.
Drag the Installation Executable into the files to be burned, that way you can UN-compress the files later.

Burn the project onto a DVD and make sure you burn it at 4x I cannot stress enough how important the speed is. <------Select the kind of disc <-------- Adding files

Step 5: On the Road

So you have your parents or your laptop or your grandmas new but un-touched computer

Load in your DVD

Install the Iso Compressor

Now select the "Convert DAX->to CSO" (you can select the "convert to ISO" but CSO is best to save space)

Browse to your DVD and select the file

Now heres an important part:

Connect your PSP to the computer Via USB cable

Under Output browse to the ISO folder in your PSP (this is in case the computer you are using doesnt have enough space)

and Hit Compress!


Step 6: Final Word



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    o btw dose it even have to be DAX files? because although space hogs, ISO's and CSO's dont require me to install anything, or does it HAVE to be dax?

    2 replies

    WEll technicaly speaking it doesnt. However ISOs and CSOs can be space hogs, God Of War:Chains of Olympus is about 2gb itself and thats in Cso! So i chose DAX because its alot smaller that way I can fit more games on there. However if you dont have alot you can very well use Isos and Csos. Just burn them onto a Data Dvd


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i dled a ripped version of god of war, thats only somewhere around 220mb, only problem is, all the cut scenes are the same


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    my dad has a computer in his car and he lives in it. even though he owns a 5 bedroom house he parks on the driveway and hangs out in his car all day. he connects with his wireless reciever on the top of his car.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    ahh.... I just wen t and bought a MSPRODUO to MICRO SD adapter and used my existing micro sd cards.... and that UMD drive makes an excelent MicroSD adapter..... Its a little more expensive but then I can have all my games in my pocket....

    DAX = Smallest Size, Slower read speed... lags sometimes
    CSO = Medium Size, Medium read spead... lags very little
    ISO = Largest Size, Best Read Speed ..... Almost Never lags....

    Lagging may also be caused by the speed of your memory card.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    And the Micro-SD adapter doesnt display errors? I know sony devices arent adapter friendly, like my sisters old Cybershot that uses the original Sony Memory Stick, I tried using the adapter for MemoryStickProDuo and it didnt recognize it. So if you can hook me up with the link to where u bought it that'd b great man, if it works for me ill add more steps and include your name in the credits :) thanks


    10 years ago on Introduction

    X4 you can burn it as fast as you want, the burner won't worry about anything


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    To tell you the truth im not sure... I think i read somewhere that if you burn at maximum speed the burner will "worry" more about burning the project quickly than the actual information you are burning. But burning at 4x is safest because it takes longer therefore the project is recorded down to the last possible detail... if the project isnt well recorded you could end up wasting a dvd. Im not sure though. You can look up info and let me know though :) thanks for the comment.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    well i found this
    While higher speed recording saves time and generally results in great discs, slower speed recordings may give you your best chance for a higher quality disc, with lower error rates. If you think you have problems, or if you have time to burn (no pun intended), slow your burning speed down to 4X, 2X, or 1X.
    from link


    10 years ago on Introduction

    ill comment. i like your way of doing it. i usually have my laptop with me so i don't have to do things liek this but it will come in handy if i cant take my laptop with me. very nice instructable.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! And I probably wouldnt use this either if I had a good laptop, lol Im still stuck with an old compaq win2k laptop with 4gb og hard drive space lol and windows takes up about 1.5 so that doesnt leave much for the imagination... but thanks anyways!