How to Take a Screenshot of a Computer Screen by Jaroslaw Gebus

About: Computer Science Major

Click the video above to watch.

Step 1: Follow These Steps:

1. Click print screen on your keyboard.

2. Click on start button in windows.

3. Go to Accessories

4. Go to paint

5. Click on paste in upper left corner

6. Click on Save (little disk upper left corner)



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    windows key + print screen, it automatically saves it\screenshots\...
    alt + print screen, it only takes it of the active window


    2 years ago

    if you don't have Microsoft office jus because it is not free so simply download picasa photo viewer and paint (if you have window 8 or 10 ) press print screen and then right click on desktop select new and choose bitmap image and then after creating right click on it and. choose edit it will open in paint and paste their and save it