How to Take a Video on Your PS4 and Post It to Youtube

Introduction: How to Take a Video on Your PS4 and Post It to Youtube

In this Instructable i will show you how to take a video on your PS4 and up lode it to youtube

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Step 1: Go Into PS4 Home Menu

Go into PS4 home menu open your settings.

Step 2: Go to Share and Broadcast Setting

Step 3: Change Recording Settings to Easy Screen Shot and Set Recording Time to 60 Min

Step 4: Go Into Audio Sharing and Turn All the Settings on

Step 5: Go to Link With Other Services

Step 6: Exit That and Open Your Game and Set Up Every Thing You Need for Your Video If Your Doing a Skit

Step 7: Then Tap the Share Button on Your Controller Twice and the Recording Sine Shoud Pop Up on Screen

Step 8: Then Do Wat Ever Your Going to Do in Your Skit and Tap the Share Button Twice to Save the Video Then It Should Say Video Clip Saved

Step 9: Then Hold the Share Button and the Share Options Menu Should Show Up Then Select Up Lode Video Witch Is Highlighted on the Screen

Step 10: Then It Will Give You the Option to Edit Your Video and to Set Every Thing You Need for Your Video Then Hit Share

Step 11: Then It Will Say It's Been Uploaded to Youtube and Your Done Congratulations You've Just Made a Gaming Video

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    Great information! Thanks for sharing this!