How to Teach Your Dog Lie Down.




Introduction: How to Teach Your Dog Lie Down.


This is my first Instructable so it may be a little bad but i tried my hardest.

Well, i guess you came here because you want to teach your dog to lie down, well, lets get started then!

You will need:

A dog.

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Step 1: Make Sure Your Dog Is Happy and You Have His Attention

First off, you will need your dog to have fun, if your dog isn't having fun then it won't go down well.

Call his/her name and make weird noises, that will soon get there attention.

Step 2: Getting Your Dog to Sit.

Your dog should know how to sit, if not then, teach him.

When he is stood up gently push on the bottom of his back until he pushes his butt down and sits, praise him and give him treats, add the command sit and he should soon learn.

Back to the trick!

Step 3: The Lying Down Bit.

Right, so your dog is sat down waiting for that treat you have right?

Slowly put the treat near his mouth and pull your hand towards the floor with the treat, your dog should follow, sometimes they will lie down straight away, sometimes they don't, if they don't pull your hand and treat towards you slowly, your dog should lie down, make sure you praise lots and lots and add in commands, when your dog is doing the trick you can reduce the treats until you just have to give the command with your voice.

Step 4: And That's It for This!

This is the end to my first ever post on here!

If you want to know how to do anymore tricks just ask and if Oscar can do them i will show you!


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