How To: Teleport Through Space Across Time


Introduction: How To: Teleport Through Space Across Time

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In this instructable you will learn how to teleport within the universe you put together using the direction of my previous instructable, How To: Construct Your Very Own Universe.

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**I am not responsible for any misstep resulting in any negative outcome - BUILD A TELEPORTATION DEVICE AT YOUR OWN RISK!**


- a reasonable supply of insulation

- a large supply of conductive material

- a large supply of dielectric material

- a massive power supply

- a universe of at the very least one star built according to the instructions in the instructable mentioned above

Step 1: Make a Wormhole

First you will need to build a capacitor with a large enough hole in the center to fit anything you're interested in dispatching across space-time.

Cut, forge, mold, (etc.) your conductive material into two large plates with a hole in the middle cut to your liking.

Trace the same shape onto your dielectric material and cut that out.

Sandwich your dielectric between your two conducting plates and insulate the hole in the center to avoid electric shock when you begin sending things through.

**Note: capacitors can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS so proceed with caution - considering the amount of power it will take to achieve teleportation, it will likely be the end of you if you were to short out the system during operation - BE CAREFUL!!!**

Activate your power supply and charge your capacitor.

The greater the power applied, the more space is compressed at the center of your capacitor; with a little tuning the hole you cut in your capacitor will become a (twinkling-heavenly-body)gate of your very own.

Don't start tossing stuff through just yet. We'll get to that in a moment.

Step 2: The Photon

Next, you’ll use a star within your universe to help you understand how this ‘time travel’ works.

Your star is releasing energy in the form of wave-particle photons. These photons are waves through the substance of space and a particle made of time.

The particle is what we’re interested in and is crucial in the amount of range you’ll have when you begin teleporting.

This step is easy as the star you’ve created is doing all the work of releasing photons, but it is important that you understand what is going on in the temporal realm of these particles.

The temporal volume of a particle of time expands according to the relative energy of the photon against the relative gravity of the system. In systems of extreme gravity only your most energetic photons will escape, and those that do will be of a lower frequency than when they began (see gravitational redshift).

Well what does that have to do with teleportation?

You will use these volumes of time to regulate distances for travel through space.

Step 3: Entanglement

In your universe when two photons interact with one another and become entangled, the temporal effect is a volume of time expanding between the two.

The result is two photons that share the same particle form and by default, the same wave form as well. Any action taken upon one will result in an immediate change observed in the other.

I mention entanglement because this method of manipulating photons will allow you to establish measurable volumes of time through which to build your bridge. This will minimize the likelihood that you’ll meet an unhappy end a lightyear away from home in the blood boiling vacuum of space.

Step 4: Time to Teleport

Now for the fun part.

Trap two entangled photons with a distance between them, one where you’ll begin and one where you’d like things to end up.

Now activate your capacitor to compress space across the time between your two photons.

Let me firmly suggest at this point that you experiment first with inanimate objects - for the sake of your conscience, no siblings or family pets to begin with.

Once you are comfortable with your power settings and the stability and reliability of your system you may begin to exploit this method of travel for any number of uses.

Good luck and enjoy!



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    14 Discussions

    i have teleported my precious things from it and it worked

    Okay so I just wanna know, Has anyone seen anything or objects from the other side? Because I don't know how to build the machine so Im very curious about everthing about the machine and stuff that is seen from it. Also, I would love to see a video of the machine working and someone inserting objects into the "gate".

    Things I've sent away have begun returning. Is there some kind of block to keep this from happening? Sometimes they come back with purple dust. Has anyone else gotten purple dust that smells like wet dirt?

    2 replies

    Yes. I fixed it by sticking a 7 foot pole in first and finding the problem, make sure it has a camera.

    I have not ruled out multiple dimensions and thereby the possibility of pandimensional travel using this device.

    Perhaps you've accessed a dimension where reality has been shifted towards a more ultraviolet existence ... or you're just interacting with the inside of an expired fire extinguisher ...

    The prior would certainly be more exciting!

    Well i am sorry to announce that your capacitor would never work. for two simple reasons.

    1. The dielectric used is not perfect because a non conductive item is not perfectly non-conductive. The best dielectric is glass but due to the imperfect nature of glass it has quantum holes that allow too much entropy.

    2. The idea of time travel is great and may be accomplished by some very small proto-pieces such as quarks, mesons, sub mesons and such. But to move any significant matter takes the entirety of the universe. You see as motion increases on an item it takes significantly more energy to move that item one half of the same distance. This is a reverse Zeno's paradox where infinity creeps up on smaller units.This is why you need a quantum leap in what energy you have.

    What this means is that you capacitor will never be calibrated properly. So just jump in and enjoy the ride to wherever it's going. :)

    2 replies

    see the thing is even with a imperfect dielectric it can still be achieved with large enough amounts of electricity at a single instant wo it will still work its just you will only be able to sent an infinitely thin object through like a quark or an electron although an electron may be to big and sending it through would be difficult not to mention that if it doesn't successfully go all the way through it would create an uncontrolled singularity resulting in both sides of the "gate" to ultimately destroy themselves and the local space near them.

    In regards to the points you've made:

    1. An imperfect dielectric is adequate as proper capacitance for this experiment is not a matter of "holes", but the ease by which the atoms within the material can be polarized.

    2. Space cannot be compressed to zero, so there is no need for a universe worth of power to achieve an impossible infinity. A measurable distance of space can be compressed down to a smaller measurable distance using a measurable amount of voltage across a capacitor of adequate capacitance.

    As for calibration, see step three and tune the frequency of your system to that of your entangled photons.

    Thanks for the comment!

    after much trial and error and some calls from the electric company I have a capacitor that takes up my whole living room but it works! or at least it apears to work. I am using a bamboo fishing rod to put a tic-tac into the middle. it vanishes with a loud whuump. I think it is going somewhere.

    1 reply


    A few adjustments and you'll be able to do much more than just drop hints about your buddy's foul breath :)

    I thought I built this but when I climbed in to it I instantly ended up with the pile of bits in front of me again, it keeps happening! Am I doing something wrong?....oh I see!!

    1 reply

    I must reiterate that you should dial in your machine using inanimate objects before hopping through yourself - I'm glad you're ok, but please proceed with caution.

    Is the the science in this legit? I don't really know but I would doubt it lol

    1 reply