How to Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant



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It is difficult knowing when your dog is pregnant.Most pet owner never know their female dog is going to have a baby until they visit their vet.

It is until the vet carry out blood test and X-ray then will you get the answer to knowing if you dog is really pregnant.But, there are signs and symptoms you can look for on your own to know if your dog is pregnant

Step 1: Watch Her Feeding

.Observe her feeding habits. If she does not eat as much as she used to,especially her favorite foods, then this may be a sign of morning sickness.

Step 2: Vaginal Discharge

Check out for vaginal discharge.This is common sign she is going to have a baby.

Step 3: Enlarged Teats

Do she has an enlarged teats? If her nipples become extra large,then she is pregnant.

Step 4: Unusually Active

If she is active and appears to be tired  most times, or having signs of general unrest,these are signs of pregnancy.

Step 5: Check for Swollen Stomach

Check her stomach to see if it appears big or swollen.This is a symptoms that happened during midway pregnancy.

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