How to Throw a Playing Card Easily Like a BOSS!


Introduction: How to Throw a Playing Card Easily Like a BOSS!

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you need this deck of cards because they take like, zero damage at all. Enjoy and don't kill anybody with it.

Step 1: Grip.

  • hold the card like above.

Step 2: Throwing.

bring card up to about mouth level and have the face pointing towards yourself. bring your wrist inwards. bring your arm down and flick your wrist out while letting go of the card when your arm is straight.

Step 3: ◊◊◊ ENJOY!!! ◊◊◊

enjoy and have fun playing Gambit! use the golden cards, a credit card or an old gift card. DONT USE YOUR PAPER CARDS!!! THEY WILL GET DESTROYED!!!



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    It's fun to watch people do this, I knew a couple of people in college that were pretty good at it :)

    2 replies

    Yeah, it is fun to watch them fly. Hey, what did you think of this instructable? I would like to know so i could improve it in any ways that it needs.

    I think it's good, but if you want to add more photos to the last two steps to illustrate your instructions it would elevate it a bit more. :) We have a really awesome guide on making a feature worthy instructable here if you want to check it out.