How to Throw a Playing Card Like a Pro




Introduction: How to Throw a Playing Card Like a Pro

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Hey, this is an EASY way to do something awesome and impressive;)

Step 1: The Grip

Super simple. Grip the end of the card in-between your index, and your middle finger. And have your hand cocked back as far as possible. Kinda like a Frisbee.

Step 2: Da Flick

Again... Like a Frisbee, just flick your hand and extend your fingers as fast as possible. This does take time to get down so practice. There's some tips I can give you but you'll find those out after a couple of throws(If you want them just comment).

Step 3: Version No. 2

As you can see in this version you hold the card between your ring, and middle finger. When you do this version you need to flick the card with more of a downward motion. The first version is more accurate so I'd tell you to learn that one first but hey, do what works for you! Later!

If you got any questions, comments, accusations, ramifications, Just ask;)

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    3 years ago

    I made a 'ible similar to this a while ago. Did you see it? It was called how to throw cards like a pro