How to Throw an Awesome Minecraft Birthday Party for Your Child

Introduction: How to Throw an Awesome Minecraft Birthday Party for Your Child

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Here is how to throw THE most awesome Minecraft Birthday Party-->

Step 1: Print Out Cool Invitations

To get the excitement going, print out cool Minecraft invitations and fill in each one with the names of your guests.

Consider printing out tented food cards to label each dish. Your guests will simply love the devouring the Minecraft-themed food.

Step 2: Decorate!

It's so easy to get a nice Minecraft-y atmosphere with green and black balloons. You can easily make a bunch of floating Creepers and Endermen using only balloons, permanent markers and/or black tape. To really surprise the birthday boy or girl, get a large piece of green cardboard to create a life-sized pop-up Creeper! Place this in the corner of the room and watch him or her squeal in delight!

Step 3: Prepare Gifts and Party Packs No Self-respecting

party-thrower would let their guests go home empty-handed! Buy green paper bags and DIY your own Minecraft party packs using merely black electrical tape and markers. Fill the bags with candies and other party favors. Besides candy, you may even consider giving your guests a cheaper gift alternative in the form of a CD compilation containing the best Minecraft tunes that will have you humming in no time.

Step 4: Let Them Eat Cake! No Party Is Complete Without a

Cake, especially not a special Minecraft cake for a special Minecraft birthday boy or girl! If you've wondered how the Minecraft cake in the game tastes like, wonder no more. You can easily bake one up in no time, using easy-to-find ingredients. Here, start by using a box or two of basic cake mixes and then bake the basic foundation using square tins like this (see below). "Glue" all three pieces together using buttercream. Mix up a batch of icing, then cover the cake layers thinly and evenly. Now it's time to lay out the fondant! Prepare the fondant sheets beforehand and craft them in such a way that you get 1 x 1 inch squares. Color the squares (using edible dye) in varying shades of red, pink and brown to get the desired pixel effect. Finally, stick on the fondant squares with customized birthday greeting and candles, and enjoy!

Step 5: Liven Up the Party With Costumes and Props a Minecraft

party is not complete without good ol' Steve! Or, you can even make your own pixelated Minecraft masks using paper and an assorted array of colored Post-it notes. A Minecraft party would also be lacking in oodles of fun if everyone did not already have their own battle props! You can easily DIY pixelated (paper or foam) pickaxes and swords for your guests to indulge in mock battles.

Step 6: Play Minecraft Together!

A Minecraft party won't be a party unless guests play Minecraft together! Setup a Minecraft server on a Windows VPS after signing up for Windows VPS hosting. After retrieving the required files from the official Minecraft store (you may want to look out for "Minecraft_Server.exe"). Next, you'll want to run Remote Desktop Connection and take note of the IP address being used as the same one will be used to connect to your brand new Minecraft server.

Locate the server files and copy them over to your VPS. Open up “Minecraft_Server.exe” to have your server up and running in no time, while remembering to use notepad to open the “” file. Check that the default port is 25565. Take care to note that it is set as a TCP port matching the correct specific local port.

Double-click on “Minecraft_Server.exe” and allow some time for the console to start. Login to your game and invite your friends to play together in your very own brand spanking new server!

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