How to Tie Knots




Introduction: How to Tie Knots

Have you wondered how to secure items, yet didn’t know how to tie a knot? Look no further – we will guide you through tying the three most basic (and useful) knots. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Bowline Knot

The bowline knot is extremely useful for camping and sailing activities. It is an easy knot to untie, it doesn’t slip, and can hold weight. It can be used to create loops at the end of ropes. Common uses for this knot include: using it to hang a hammock, indoor climbing, securing a boat to a dock, hanging your food in a bear bag or rescuing a friend from falling in a hole or overboard on a boat.

To complete the bowline knot, you will need a single, long piece of rope.


1. Make a smaller, closed loop near the top left of a larger loop.

2. Bring the end of the rope through the right side of the smaller, closed loop.

3. Align the end of the rope on the right side of the closed loop, making sure to retain the larger loop.

4. Bring the end of the rope underneath the left line of the rope.

5. Bring the end of the rope through the small loop again, from the left side this time.

6. Pull the end of the rope under the bottom of the closed loop. Pull taught.

Step 2: Clove Hitch Knot

The clove hitch knot is an easy binding knot that is mostly used to secure lines or ropes to a post or object and is best used for temporary situations. It is easy to adjust length but is used with caution as it may be easy to come undone or slip.

To the complete the clove hitch knot, the best practice is to use a pole and rope.


1. Wrap the rope around the post

2. Bring rope around the pole and cross over

3. Tuck the rope under the last line you crossed over

4. Pull both ends of the rope and tighten

Step 3: Square Knot

You can utilize this knot for securing bundles, packages, and the sails of ships, to tying the ends of bandages. It comes undone very easily. I would refrain from using this to secure heavy loads or fragile materials. The Square Knot is the first knot Scouts learn in the Boy Scouts of America.

To complete the Square Knot (also known as the Reef Knot), you will need two separate strands of rope/string. Remember the phrase, “Right over left; left over right.”

With rope in each hand, you want to (steps replicate tying shoes):

1. Place the rope in your right hand, over the left

2. Twist it underneath and tighten

3. Place left rope, over the right

4. Twist it underneath and tighten

5. Final product

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    4 years ago

    Just noting that your square/reef picture is great until step #5... that is definitely not a reef or a square knot. so, just ignore that last picture :)

    A sheet bend would be a great knot to include as well, mainly used for attaching 2 ropes of varying thicknesses. Good Stuff :)

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Knot tying is one of those things that everyone should no how to do but almost no one does.