How to Tie a Bow Tie





Introduction: How to Tie a Bow Tie

A simple process, known by few. But HEY! Robot knows!

Step 1: First Things First...

Don't know how to tie a bow tie? I didn't either, and you can tell by the look on my face how dissapointed I was. But then I learned, and now I wear bow ties all the time.

First lets talk about the bow tie's shape a little so you know whats going on in the later steps of the instructable. Most people have their idea of what a bow tie looks like; just a funny little piece of cloth that is tapered in the middle and wide on the outsides. Robot's bow tie shows just that, but what most people do not realize is that there are actually two of those shapes back to back and reversed, forming the bow tie's shape. This is shown in the picture, from a view of the bottom of a tied bow tie.

Step 2: The Cross Over

To begin, for clarities sake, instead of saying right side and left side of the bow tie, which could easily become confusing, I will refer to the different sides of the bow tie as "the striped side" and "the polka dotted side." I choose this tie for that reason, and if you have trouble understanding, go out and get a bow tie with two different color sides, or one with different patterns like mine. That should make it much easier.

Now that thats clear, lets begin.

After laying the bowtie around your neck, bring the striped side OVER the polka dotted side.

Then loop it under the polka dotted side like you would begin tying your shoe.

Step 3: Form the First Bow

Now let the striped side rest on your shoulder.

With your free hands, grab the polka dotted half and form the first "bow" shape.

Step 4: The Wrap Around

While holding your polka dotted bow in place, grab the striped side of the tie and bring it over the middle of the polka dotted bow.

As you bring the striped piece down, a hole will form between the polka dotted and striped pieces of material. Make sure you keep a finger inside of that hole that was created. It should be in the rear of the tie next to your neck.

Step 5: Pulling Through the Hole

Next, bring the striped side around the bottom of the bow tie and push it through the hole made by your finger. Make sure that you push a doubled up piece of the striped cloth through to form a loop.

Step 6: Finishing the Second Bow

Now pull the striped end through the hole, making the loop larger. In this step, you need to be careful that you do not pull the loop too far, which would result in a big messy knot around your neck.

Step 7: Adjustment of the Bow Tie

Now the knot is complete, and all you need to do is adjust each part of the bow. The loops and flaps can be pulled and moved, forming a straight and neat looking bow tie.

Step 8: Conclusion

As you can see, this way of tying the bow tie results in both sides of the bow tie being present in the final product. If you look at the picture, the wings are made of the polka dots, while the center piece is made of stripes. This way of tying allows both patterns to show, which is very snazzy, and looks great with a dual pattern or dual color bow tie.

There is another way I know to tie the bow tie, that I will publish soon, and its a bit easier, so be on the lookout.

Way #2 is here so check it out. It's a bit easier, but doesn't produce the double patterned effect like this method does.



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    2 years ago

    Nice tutorial, it took me a few youtube videos, and the help of Bill Nye, but I've learnt to tie a bow tie. This is quite a good way to explain it, I'm VERY glad you got pictures of that hole there because honestly no one can see it. Nice tying by the way.

    Wow, those pictures made me soil myself i was laughing so hard. Im lazy, so i just use the kind where you just clip it together. If i ever decide to become un-lazy, this will come in handy. Is that really an instructables shirt or MS Paint at its best?

    5 replies

    For all of you "lazy guys," I put up an instructable on a second method on how to tie a bow tie that is much easier, so check it out here

    well my friends, im sorry to dissapoint you, but it is indeed an authentic instructables tee. i happen to know the right people, and was lucky enough to hang out with them a bit in the past couple of days. as for that picture of robot, that is definatlety ms paint at its best

    no leg humping was necessary, but it did help knowing the people high up on the instructables food chain, like my good friend robot

    "just use the kind where you just clip it together."

    For semi-formal events, such as school leaving balls or "proms":

    The trick is to have a clip-on bow tie that you wear and an identically coloured real bow tie that you keep in your pocket. As the evening progresses and people get drunk and more relaxed, you can go to the bathroom, remove the clip on, and drape the real bow tie round your neck like this cool cat

    I've wanted to know how to do this for a while. But you need to be dressed more smartly, e.g. Prof Heinz Wolff:


    ms paint at its best or photoshop at its worst ?