How to Tie a Bowline on a Bight

Introduction: How to Tie a Bowline on a Bight

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Welcome to my channel How to Knot and in this video, I will be showing you how to tie a bowline on a bight. Beyond being great for general use, it can also be using in climbing, camping, and sailing. This is easily untied after being exposed to a load, however it can slip if one loop is exposed to a load. It can be formed anywhere in a length of rope, therefore no need for a working end. It’s typically uses by climbers, but also can be used in a rescue situation or for moving objects. However a stopper knot should be used as a safety precaution.

Be sure to check out the descriptive video at the end to help for further understand.

Step 1:

Start by doubling up the rope and creating a bight.

Now make a loop.

Feed the free end through the loop.

Expand the bight and flip it over the doubled rope portion.

Tight and you’ll be left with a pair of fixed loops.

Step 2: Watch Video

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