How to Tie a Four-In-Hand Knot

Introduction: How to Tie a Four-In-Hand Knot

In this video I show how to tie the basic Four-In-Hand knot.

Four-In-Hand Tie: This know is considered the simplest to tie and for that reason it is the most common and popular. It has a slightly asymmetric knot.

1. Start with the wide end of your tie on your right and extend a foot below the narrow end.

2. Cross wide end over narrow end and back underneath.

3. Continue around, passing wide end across front of narrow end once more.

4. Pass wide end through loop.

5. Hold front of knot loose with index finger, pass wide end down through loop in front.

6. Remove finger and tighten knot carefully. Draw up tight to collar by holding narrow end and sliding knot up snugly.

Wearing a tie can make a man feel an increased sense of pride and confidence as well as make him look sophisticated and mature. It will show that you value looking professional and businesslike and you hold yourself to higher standards than the average person. There is symbolism attached to ties and there purpose is largely symbolic. It gives people the impression that you can handle your business.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very similar to a half-windsor.

    Though personally, a tie is just another fashion accessory, not a basis for thinking a person is competent. Years of working in tie-wearing environments has completely busted that myth ;-)