How to Tie a Marlinspike Hitch

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Intro: How to Tie a Marlinspike Hitch

The marlinspike hitch is a great knot for making a rudimentary rope ladder. When tied around a pole or bar, it will resist movement in either direction, providing an ideal solution even for long term use.

Step 1: Prepare to Tie

Find a pole or bar to tie your rope around. Once you have practiced this knot, if you plan on making a ladder I would recommend using a thick dowel with holes drilled in it to slide the rope through to keep the hitch from slipping off the end.

Step 2: Tie the Marlinspike Hitch

Pay close attention to the photos. After forming the initial loop, make sure you don't form a plain overhand knot, as the rope doesn't pass through at that point. If creating a ladder, make sure you keep the ropes on both sides even, otherwise it will cause uneven stress on the rope and rungs.



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