How to To Convert a YouTube Video Into an IPhone Ringtone on ITunes 12.5




These instructions were written for Mac users. They may differ for PC users

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Step 1: Go to Video on YouTube

Step 2: Copy Link and Paste Into Mp3 Converter (e.g.

Step 3: Download Mp3 Into ITunes

Step 4: Open ITunes and Right-click on New Mp3 File

Step 5: In Drop-down Menu, Click “Get Info”

Step 6: Go to “Options” and Edit Start and Stop Times to Fit Ringtone Length

This length is usually 30 to 40 seconds long

Step 7: Highlight Mp3 File in ITunes and Click “File” in Menu Bar on Top Left of Screen

Step 8: In Drop-down Menu, Click “Convert” and Choose “Create AAC Version”

Step 9: Right-click on New Mp3 File and "Show in Finder"

Step 10: Right-click on File in Finder and “Duplicate”

Step 11: Change the File Extension From .m4a to .m4r

When asked if you want to change the extension, choose "Use .m4r"

Step 12: Drag and Drop the New .m4r File Onto Desktop

Step 13: Rename the File Itself

Step 14: Drag and Drop the File Into ITunes

Step 15: Connect IPhone to Computer and Sync

Step 16: When Sync Is Complete, Open Settings on IPhone

Step 17: Go to Sounds and Pick Ringtone

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    8 Discussions


    Question 4 months ago on Step 14

    I have gotten to step #14 Drag and Drop from Desktop into iTunes, but the file will not drop into iTunes. It keeps going back onto the desktop.

    1 answer

    2 months ago on Step 14

    It wouldn’t let me drag and drop it into iTunes and I’ve been trying to move it to tones


    Question 4 months ago on Step 15

    I plugged in my iPhone now how do I get it to sync


    4 months ago

    Thanks for taking the time for making this tutorial, really appreciated. I used to convert YouTube video to mp3 for my iPhone with Acethinker video keeper, free and works fairly well. Share it here as an alternative solution.


    Question 4 months ago

    I can't find the "show in finder" option. I'm using windows if that's any help.


    12 months ago

    Thank you for your useful information. Mp3 converter and itunes both work to convert youtube video to ringtone. but i ve found a more easy to do it. you can use WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory to download youtube videos and convert them directly to iphone ringtone or andriod ringtone on the formats interface. it is very easy to handle, you can have a try.


    Clever idea. I never thought about this. There are a lot of fun video clips that I can think of that would make great ringtones.