How to Train Your Horse to Do a Reining Stop

To someone who doesn't ride, stopping a horse can almost seem like magic. Stopping is the first thing you should learn before you go out on your own with your horse. If you've ever seen someone stop a horse, you might have thought that the task was impossible. Although, stopping your horse isn't as hard as it appears. Our goal is to get you to understand how to stop your horse in the easiest, and most simple way!

Step 1: How to Train Your Horse to Do a Reining Stop

Whether you're walking, trotting, loping, or running, stopping your horse remains the same.

When stopping, your horse wants your weight to be equal on its back. You do this by shifting your weight so that you're sitting in the center of your saddle.

How to Stop your Horse:

1. Begin by putting both feet forward in the saddle as you pull the reins up and back towards your hips. Your weight will shift forward at first, but your momentum will push you back, and that's where you should finish.

- During step one, we recommend teaching your horse that "whoa" means to stop. You can teach them "whoa" by saying it as you stop, eventually you will be able to say "whoa"and your horse will come to a stop. Doing this will help your horse learn quickly and efficiently.

(You can repeat the same step over and over to polish your horses stop!)



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