How to Transfer Contacts From Samsung to IPhone 6

Introduction: How to Transfer Contacts From Samsung to IPhone 6

Currently iPhone and Samsung occupy the dominant smartphone market share and users often wonder how to transfer contacts between both phones. Today I am pleased to introduce you a useful tool for contact transfer from Samsung to iPhone 6.

A wonderful but free Phone Manager to transfer Samsung contracts to iPhone 6

Good Phone Manager is designed with useful function of transferring data between iPhone /Android and computer easily. It can serves as a good transfer application to import Samsung contacts into iPhone. Don’t worry about the operation. The following steps will help you to make it.

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Step 1: Quick Transfer Contacts From Samsung to PC

1) Before connecting Samsung to PC through USB cable, you need to open USB Debugging and click on “Connect now”.

Tips: You can also use Wifi or scan two-dimension code for connection.Ifyour Samsung succeeds adjusting the USB debug mode, there is no need to reset next time.

2) After connecting, click “Contacts” button where you can transfer the contacts to PC designated folder by pressing "Export" icon .

No concerns about where to find the contacts on PC, for this app always names the folder with exact time for easy locating.

Step 2: Easy Transfer Contacts From PC to IPhone 6

1) Launch the application, connect iPhone 6 with your computer and then click “Trust” if you confirm computer's connecting with the device.

Tips: click “Trust” button for the first time and the computer will automatically approve without tapping again.

2) Once connected, lightly tap on “Import” button to transfer Samsung contacts to iPhone 6 under the“Contacts” button. It only takes few seconds to complete the whole operation.

Good news: This app could exactly fulfill your demand of transferring and it also empowers you to reorganize your contact list by deleting the useless ones, adding new ones and creating new groups.

Step 3:

Have you been profoundly impressed by the introduction to such a good app? Welcome to have a try. If so, you will be surprised to notice that this excellent Phone Manager is perfectly compatible with iOS and Android. There is no such an free application as this one offering one- stop mobile management, because it manages to display, restore and backup mobile files including messages,applications, bookmarks, wallpapers etc.safely on computers.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the tutorial, here is another Youtube video also can transfer contacts from samsung to iphone, hope it helps.