How to Transfer Files Between 2 Computers Without USB Storages, Without LAN Cable

Hello folks, welcome back to my Instructable. in today’s tutorial you will be learning How To Transfer Files From PC to PC. without using external USB storage such as, External Hard Disk, USB Pen drive, SD Card, or evenLAN Cable.

There are many ways to Share Files From One Computer to Another. But in this tutorial i will show you an easiest way to Transfer Files From PC to PC.

Step 1: Steps to Transfer Files From PC to PC

First Download and Install AnySend on both computers.Once the software is installed it will not open like any other software. instead, it will hide itself in notification bar.The Software must be active on both PCs.

Step 2: Select the Files You Want to Share

Now go to the file/folder you want to share. right click on it and click on “Copy”.Now head over to your Computer’s Notification Bar. then click on AnySend icon.There you must see the computer you are sending the files to.Now on the screen of reciever computer a message would be showing that. The (Your Computer Name) Would Like To Send Files. Would you like to Accept.Click YES and you got your files.

Step 3: Watch the Video to Find Out More.

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