How to Transfer ITunes Music to Android




Introduction: How to Transfer ITunes Music to Android

Android phone has been dominated smartphone industry for years because of new merged brands and frequently updated devices. A lot of people who come from Apple decide to give it a try on Android phones. However, what’s going to to do with the data on your iPhone, such as music? It would take hours to download the songs again.

With the help of TunesGo, you can easily copy the whole iTunes music to portable devices, such as Android phone, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPad or iPod. A library of 500+ songs can be transferred in a few minutes to your new Android device. Also, the program converts all the incompatible music to Android friendly formats. In one word, it covers all the aspects of the transfer process.

Please first Download the program from here: Windows | Mac

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Step 1: Plug Android Phone or Tablet to a Computer

Connect your Android device to computer with USB cable. This program supports a lot of Android devices so don't worry about this. Click Devices after your device being connected. Then TunesGo will detect and scan your device. This should be done in a few seconds.

From the screen, you can see the device name and mode. There are also a few functions displayed on the center which we will use it later.

Step 2: Select Music From ITunes Library

If you want to transfer all the music from iTunes, then click Transfer Music from iTunes to Device from the screen in step 1. However, if you just want to transfer a portion of the music library, then go back to ITUNES LIBRARY -> Music from left sidebar. In there you can see all the songs in the library.

Step 3: Export Selected Music to Android Device

After selection, click Export from the menu bar. From dropdown list, select the device name for transfer. Then all the select music will be moved to Android device in a short time, which depends on how many songs you just selected.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    If you're an iPhone or iPad user, you're likely painfully aware that SD cards aren't compatible with your device and might never will be. But is the "download songs to SD card" an Android feature that iPhone users can only dream about? My answer is no.

    Android User:

    Open Apple Music on your Android phone and tap the menu icon in the upper-left corner.Tap Settings.Scroll to the Downloads section and tap Download Location and select where you want to store your music:Choose SD Card to save downloaded songs to the SD Card in your phone. Go to My Music or Playlists and tap on More Options to the right of the song, album, or playlist name that you want to download.Tap Download. Then you can listen to them when you aren't connected to the Internet.

    iOS user:

    Things You'll Need to Transfer Music from iTunes to SD Card:SD card, a computer, iTunes, Apple Music Converter.

    Following this gudie to get Apple Music track to SD card


    4 years ago

    Great tip!