How to Transfer Photos to Wood | Easy DIY Process #WoodPrints




Introduction: How to Transfer Photos to Wood | Easy DIY Process #WoodPrints

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Lets Learn how to transfer a photo to wood!!

In this super fun and easy Doing it with jason DIY, i will show you how to do it all with just an inkjet printer. Hold onto your hats cause this is sure to blow you away. You can print words, photographs, you name it. Follow me on

Step 1: Credit Card?!

Yes! Find a maxed out credit card or one with little interest.. just kidding, any card will do! You will use this for a squeegee.

Step 2: Wood Choice

The best wood that i found to transfer the ink is Maple! Either solid or plywood works great.

Step 3: Transfer Paper?

The best paper to use is sticker paper. The left over part after a sticker is peeled off is shiny and perfect

Step 4: Ink Jet Printer

Dust off your favorite ink jet printer. It has to be an inkjet printer.

Step 5: Sanding

The key to the transfer is using 120 grit sand paper. It is the best grit versus transfer that i have found

Step 6: Load Up

Now its time to load up your printer with the transfer paper

Step 7: Click Print

I like to use photoshop for printing because you can size the image and mirror the image for words

Step 8: Transfer Time

Next you flip the print onto the wood and using a credit card as a squeegee, transfer!!

Step 9: Clear Coat

You must use some kind of clear coat. My favorite is varethane.

Step 10: Let It Dry

Its ready! this really makes great gifts for friends and family!!

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