How to Transfer Pictures to Wood

Introduction: How to Transfer Pictures to Wood

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What You’ll Need- Country Round (round piece of wood), sander, picture, light brush, sponge type brush, scissors, Mod Podge, matte gel, rag

  1. Sand down your country round until it’s nice and smooth
  2. Print your image in reverse
  3. Cut the printed image in a circle to match the country round, outlining the part of the image you’d like transferred to the piece of wood
  4. Apply a layer of matte gel to the printed side of the image using your light brush
  5. Place the image face down (matte gel side down) onto the side of wood you’d like the image displayed on
  6. Using a hard straight-edge, press down firmly onto the image/wood, making sure to press on every inch of the image
  7. Let it sit for eight hours to let dry
  8. Dampen a rag and ring it out so it’s not too wet, you don’t want the rag dripping at all
  9. Place the rag flat onto the piece of art to dampen the paper
  10. Once the paper is damp, pull the rag off and gently rub the paper off using the rag
  11. You might have to repeat step 9 and 10 two or three times until all the paper fibers are rubbed off, sometimes using your fingers to rub the paper off to prevent from damaging the image towards the end of the process
  12. Using your sponge brush, apply a layer of your Mod Podge to the image, giving us a finished coating for the image

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