How to Trim Knockout Roses

Introduction: How to Trim Knockout Roses

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Roses must be pruned back if one wants a beautiful garden full of fresh aromatic blossoms. It's imperative to not only have the correct type pruners but also the knowledge of where and when you prune them back for optimal growth and beauty.

Step 1: Use Very Sharp Pruners

It's important to make thorough straight cuts when pruning roses. This promotes their growth and also using dull pruners will damage the stems many times when pruning roses. You can purchase pruners at any farm and garden supply.

Step 2: How to Prune Roses

Cut at a 45-degree angle about 1/4 inch above outward-facing bud.This is also imperative because you will not damage the other parts when angle cutting your roses.

A 45 degree angle simply means sloped or slanted.

Step 3: Entirely Remove All Dead or Dying Canes. ...

If you see brown stems, they are dead. Remove those from your roses or one dead branch can spread and kill the entire rose bush. We have placed an imagery diagram to show you correctly how this can be done.

Step 4: Protect Your Roses After Pruning by Sealing Off Cut Area

It is suggested to seal the ends of the cuts to prevent the entry of cane borers. White glue works well. Remove all thin, weak canes that are smaller than a pencil in diameter.If roses are grafted and there is sucker growth, remove it. The best way is to dig down to the root where the sucker is originating and tear it off where it emerges. Cutting suckers off only encourages regrowth of several suckers where there once was one.

Step 5: Other Helpful Articles & Plant Help From Plant Experts

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