How to Try Out Ubuntu

In this day and age, operating systems are very expensive. Almost all computers come pre-loaded with their respective operating systems like Windows, ChromeOS and MacOS. However, sometimes you just want to change things up!

Ubuntu is an open source and free software operating system. There are all kinds of different versions (referred to as flavours), but today we will be walking through how to try out the standard version of Ubuntu.

Disclaimer: Be very careful when following this tutorial. Throughout the Ubuntu trying period there will be many chances to install the full version or mess with your systems files. This could cause permanent damage or data loss on your computer's hard drive. It is recommended you read more about Ubuntu and how to use it before following this tutorial.

Step 1: Visit the Ubuntu Website and Download the Most Recent Version

You can find the Ubuntu downloads at You want to make sure to select the most recent version, as it is the most current and up-to-date. Some people may download the previous versions, but it's normally due to testing things or for certain application requirements.

Step 2: Download the Ubuntu File Onto a USB Drive

Once your Ubuntu version has downloaded, you may notice that the file extension is a .iso this is common for all operating system downloads.

Now you should copy and paste the Ubuntu .iso file we just downloaded onto a USB. Alternatively you can burn it onto a disc, but the most common method is a re-usable USB.

Step 3: Boot From the Newly Created USB (or Disc)

Once you have successfully placed the downloaded Ubuntu .iso file onto a USB (or disc) the next step is to boot from it. For this you will have to place the USB/disc into the computer and then restart the whole machine and then do the following things:

  • Press F12 when the brand logo pops up on restart. This will open the boot menu.
  • Here you will choose the USB (or disc) you have inserted.
  • This will load up the .iso file we just placed onto the removable media.
  • Select "Try Ubuntu" and now you have a live desktop version of Ubuntu!

If you're having trouble booting from the USB, you may need to enable booting from USB in your computer's BIOS settings. If this is the case, please reboot your computer and press F2 when you see the brand's logo. This will open the BIOS menu where you can navigate over to the "BOOT" tab section and enable booting from USB. Then save and exit and repeat the first portion of this step.

Step 4: Important Notes

DISCLAIMER: It is very important you stick with "TRYING" Ubuntu.
Even during the trial time there will be icons that will let you install the operating system. As long as you do not install or select any partitions (if given the popup to) you're fine. When you're done trying out Ubuntu you can reboot your computer and return to your regular operating system.



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