How to Turn Old VHS Casette Tape to Computer Volume Controller

I love recycling old stuff and turn them into a useful devices such as ancient VHS Casette Tapes to volume controller and in this project i'm going to show you how.

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Step 1: Materials...

- VHS Casette Tape
- Vu Meter
- Scratched CD
- 5K Potentiometer
- Piece of wire (about 6 feet)
- Soldering and other electronic tools
- Audio Jacks (Both, in and out)
- Heatshrink Tubing
- Potentiometer Knob
- My pre made amplifier (Bag Amplifier Project check it out for detailed instructions)

Step 2: Cut Plastic Parts

Step 3: Attach Vu Meter, Power Plug and Switch

Solder wires and secure them with heat shrink tubing and hot glue.

Step 4:

Now, add audio jack, potentiometer and connect them to the amplifier circuit.

Step 5: Close It All Up and Secure With Hot Glue

And one thing; remove those sticky stuff.

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    6 years ago

    this inspired me to take my big and bulky speaker and convert it in to a VHS