Match Stick Hack

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Ever find yourself stuck in the woods, with few few matches left or you want to get more of your money's worth, well in this hack I will show you how to obtain two matches from just one.

. Wooden matches / paper matches
. Matchbox striker or way of lighting
. Scissors or a knife

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Step 1: Paper Matches

The most easily matches to replicate are paper matches, the paper material of the stick holding them together is easily breakable, but at the same time very delicate. To start this hack start by using a knife or scissors to cut the matches straight down the middle. Once at the match tip, be careful not to break the tip or accidentally triggering the flame when splitting it. The whole idea is to cut the match right down the centre to create two from the original one.

Step 2: Wooden Matches

Wooden matches take a little bit more time to split and I recommend using a knife for them. Start by finding the centre of the bottom stick part of the match, and slowly work your blade up to the match tip. Once cut both pieces should look similar in width.

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