How to Turn a Tripod Into a Steadicam for Smooth Shots

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Intro: How to Turn a Tripod Into a Steadicam for Smooth Shots

Have you ever tried to capture kids running around but found it hard to get a smooth and steady shot?

One easy solution is to turn your basic tripod into a steadicam! You can easily get smooth moving shot with it. All you need is a basic tripod and your DSLR.

Step 1: Mount Your Camera to the Tripod.

Step 2: Use the Three Legs As Weighted Stabilizers, and Hold the Center of the Tripod in Hand.

Step 3: Now You Can Move Accordingly and Get Smooth Shots.

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    2 years ago

    This is just an ad for Filmora. It is annoying that they posted three ads disguised as simple ways to stop camera shake.