How to Turn an Elegant Magic Wand

Introduction: How to Turn an Elegant Magic Wand


So I wanted a wand, and because I lack a pile of gold and easy access to a wand maker I had to make one myself. After a bit of searching for wand designs on the interweb I came up with diddly squat which is the scientific term for nothing. If you want anything done just how you want it you have to do it yourself, like quotemaking, that's why I changed it a bit. So I knew I wanted something very clean cut and elegant, like your holding a well crafted instrument or weapon not just a stick, a FANCY MAGIC STICK. So as always i paired up my favorite dynamic duo of woods (Adam West is the best) Ebony and Rosewood. So rev up your lathes and open up those spellbooks, it's time to craft a wand.

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Step 1: Tools/ Materials



Drill (optional)


Finish (linseed oil)

Drill bits


Handle Wood Block (Rosewood)

Main Wood (Ebony)

Step 2: Turning and Finishing

Overall, this is a pretty simple Instructable. Start by deciding the length of the main piece, and overall wand. Mine ended up being around 15 inches which is on the lengthier size on average. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the "blade" we'll call it before I turned it but it was just a round piece of ebony. I turned it so that it had a nice gradual slope with a pointy tip that is just barely rounded. Then, you need to make the butt of the "blade" about half the diameter of the handle so it can be embedded into the handle. Once you get what you want on your "blade" move on to your handle. I'll be honest I had no idea what my handle would look like when I went in. I just knew I wanted it to be simple but classy. I think I got just that

Obviously you don't have to do the same pattern as me, make it fit your personality and looks if that makes any sense. I wanted clean cut and dark wood with a contrasting handle. Play around with different wood looks and juxtapositions, and things of the like. Most of all have fun.


You need to do all sanding and finishing before you disconnect you pieces from the lathe it makes life so much easier than doing it by hand. Don't get carried away and just lop it off the end pieces. This is very important especially concerning the "blade" as it it harder to go back to to sand and finish. As normal with sanding go from coarse to smooth and do it on a low speed, same goes for finish, do it on a slow speed otherwise it'll fling off the wood and you'll have a nice streak of oil right up your shirt.

Step 3: Connectitude

Last step is to drill a hole in the handle the same diameter as the thinner part of the blade. On mine I cut off the thinner part down to about 2 inches which is around half of what you see in the picture. Then get another bit to drill into the smaller hole a larger hole the same diameter as the larger section of the "blade" so that you can sink the larger diameter of the "blade" into the handle just a little, about one quarter to a half an inch, in order to make it look better and be a bit sturdier. I was able to get mine snug enough to not need glue but if yours slides at all use a good wood-glue or superglue.

Step 4: And You're Done

So I had tons of fun making this wand, and I hope you will too. I loved how it turned out in the end, very sleek and classy, like me (just kidding, well maybe classy but I'm about 20 pounds shy of sleek). Anyways please feel free to post any comments, questions, or concerns, if you make one YOU MUST POST IT, I wanna see. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my Instructable, have a magical day and God Bless!


So I was thinking about making a leather sheath for my wand and a matching instructable to boot. Possibly a shoulder holster, possibly a boot strap or belt holster, who knows. Anyways I haven't made one yet, but if enough people want me to make one and post an instructable about it please let me know.

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for the tutorial! I would love to see you make a leather wand sheath as well. The sheaths that the Triwizard Champions used in the second task have always interested me, but I can't seem to find much on them. Being on the calf, I can see it being rather difficult to make actually stay in place comfortably, not to mention that they would be more difficult to reach. I have seen many wand sheaths for belts and the like, but if you're looking for something new, I think a thigh holster would be an interesting idea.


    3 years ago

    Beautiful and graceful piece of work sir_ghattas. I know your dad would be proud!


    3 years ago

    I would honestly love to see a sheath for this wand or any other wands that you make in the future. Great job and keep up the great work!