How to Turn an Old Tablecloth Into a Handkerchief



Introduction: How to Turn an Old Tablecloth Into a Handkerchief

I had an old tablecloth that I don't use anymore. Instead of giving it to the Salvation Army, I decide to make it into a handkerchief.

Time: 15-20 minutes


-Old tablecloth (4'x4') or large scarf.

-sewing machine and tools



Step 1: Cut & Pin

1. Fold the tablecloth in half and then fold it in half again.

2. Cut the seams, so you have four pieces of the tablecloth.

3. Next, fold down the sides you cut to make an even seam. Pin in place.

4. You will only pin two sides of each tablecloth piece.

Step 2: Sew & Use

1. Sew down both sides or all four, depends on what style you want. You could also embroider the edges.

2. Snip any loose ends and extra material.

3. This tablecloth made four handkerchiefs. Which is great for the upcoming cold and flu season.

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