How to Understand and Use 3-D Printing

Introduction: How to Understand and Use 3-D Printing

This will teach step by step how to do 3-D Printing, how to use it, and how to understand it.

Step 1: TinkerCard

First, you should understand 3-D Printing and how it works. Go to TinkerCard and take some lessons! In order to take the lessons you need to make an account.

Step 2: Go to Basics

Once you have logged in scroll down and take the basic lessons!

Step 3: Take the Lessons

Go through all the basic lessons! Each lesson tells you what to do.

Step 4: Thingiverse!

After you have completed all the lessons go to Thingiverse!

Step 5: Search

Thingiverse has many designs for you to print. Search for something you like! (I chose to look up Kpop)

Step 6: Upload Stl File

My teacher had a folder for when you downloaded the design. When you download the design you should be able to open a folder that comes with it. Open it and find the .stl file. You should open drive, so you can drop the file in the folder.

Step 7: Put Stl File in Folder

Now drag the stl file into the folder. Then rename it!

Step 8: Tada!!

Now wait for it to be printed!

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