How to Undo Send Mails in GMAIL

Introduction: How to Undo Send Mails in GMAIL

Google has finally launched the Undo Send option in GMAIL.

This was the feature i liked most in Outlook, where we can recall the mail or resend the mail, without knowing the recipients that we have done a mistake in the mail. If you make a typo error or sent a mail with some mistakes and would like to revert that/undo sending mail, now you can do that by enabling the option "UNDO SEND" in Gmail. Thus, this will enable to get back the mail that you have sent, but remember this can be done only within 30 secs.

To Enable this option in your GMAIL:

1. Go to settings in GMAIL.

2. Scroll down to "Undo send" option and check the tick mark on Enable

3. Set the cancellation period from 5 secs to 30 secs (the time within which you can undo)

4. Click Save changes for this Enable option to get into effect.

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