How to Unhide Your Password on Google Chrome




Have you ever forgotten any saved password? Do you want to be rid of encrypted characters when logging in? Follow these simple steps to temporarily reveal your hidden passwords.

*Refreshing or closing out of the browser will remove the unhidden password. If you would like the password revealed, you will have to repeat the steps.*

Step 1: Open Chrome

Open the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: In Order to Reveal the Hidden Password, You Need to Be on a Site That Requires a Login, Such As Facebook.

Step 3: Right-click (ctrl-click) on Password

A dropdown menu will appear.

Step 4: Select "Inspect" From Dropdown Menu

Go to the bottom of the dropdown menu and select "Inspect".

The Browser Developer Tool Console (BDTC) will appear on the right with a section highlighted.

Step 5: Find Input Type="password," and Double-click "password" to Highlight

Step 6: Delete and Replace With "text"; (it Will Now Read As Input Type="text"); Hit "Enter"

The password field should reveal a readable password

Step 7: Exit the BDTC in the Top Right Corner



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    2 years ago

    If the password is saved within Chrome it can be found under the settings.

    Click on the 2 vertical dots in the top right corner.

    Click on Show advanced settings ...

    Under Passwords and forms there are two check boxes. At the end of the line of the second one Click on Manage passwords.

    From there you can find and view all the passwords saved. If you want one site do a search for it. Clcik on the dotted password and click show.