How to Update Supercard DStwo to Work on 3DS V4.2.0-9





Introduction: How to Update Supercard DStwo to Work on 3DS V4.2.0-9

Why we should update our supercard dstwo

As we know that 3DS firmware has been updated to 3DS V4.2.0-9, if you have updated your 3DS to this new firmware, your DStwo can not work on it any more. But today DStwo offficial site has released the DStwo new firmware V1.16 to support 3DS V4.2.0-9, you can update your supercard DStwo card and make it work on 3DS V4.2.0-9. In this post, i will tell you how update your DStwo with V1.16.

Step 1:

Things required to update the Supercard dstwo card

Before you do the update, you need to get DS Lite to do the update. you also can get a lower version DSi such as V1.43 or lower, to do the update. In this post, i am using my DS Lite to do the DStwo update, that's get it started.

Step 2:

Step1: Download the latest DStwo EOS V1.11. Extract it and put all the files in the root of your sd card.

Step2: Download the latest firmware DStwo firmware V1.16 Extract it and put the "dstwoupdate.dat" file in t he root of your sd card.

Step3: Put the DStwo flashcart and the SD card in the DS Lite console. Power on, the DS Lite will auto detect the update firmware and you will see "Update system Beta 1.15-1.16", then just Choose button "A" to start the update.

Step 3:

Step4: Just wait until the updating process finishes, notice dont power off the console during the updating process.



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    7 Discussions

    supercard dstwo has bypassed the N3DS ver.4.5.0-10 firmware update, users could upgrade their cards by using its update patch.and supercard dstwo is the ONLY flashcard that does not need a new hardware in order to bypass a 3DS update.

    I have the R4 card, and I am wondering if you know how to change the DS software to work on the 3DS format.

    4 replies

    Can you tell me what R4 card do you have, what is the official site of your card. And what DS software do you want to use on the 3DS.

    It is an NDSL/NDS R4 card that uses Moonshell. I can't say what site it is from, because I got it in Indonesia. As for the DS software I would like to use, I am used to Moonshell, but I'm fine with anything else.

    If the r4 card you have is a 3DS flashcart, it can play on 3DS console, if it is not a 3DS card, i am afraid the card can not work on your 3DS. As long as your card is a 3dsa flashcart, you should be able to use moonshell on your 3DS to watch videos, MP3, ebooks. But I guess your card is not a 3DS card, so you can not use it on your 3DS. The best R4 3ds card is this one:   if you plan to buy another card, just buy this one, dont buy others, and i am sure it is working perfectly on your 3DS.

    All right, cool. Thanks for the help! I'll make some plans on buying that new chip -- it appears my old one does not meet up to demands.