How to Upload MP3 to Facebook

Introduction: How to Upload MP3 to Facebook

If you’re an avid user of Facebook, you’ll probably notice that there’s no way you can upload an MP3 file. Unlike pictures and videos which you can share freely, MP3s are not supported by this site. Many people find this troublesome especially when they want to share their music creation. So, for today’s post, I’ll tackle ways on how you can upload MP3 to Facebook and make it viewable to other people.

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Step 1: CloudApp

The first way to post MP3 on Facebook is by using CloudApp. This application stores your data over the web and provides you with a link shareable to all. It supports different types of file including pictures, videos, and music. The process is very simple and by far, it is the most convenient way among the methods listed below. To know how to share MP3 to Facebook, here are the steps you need to know:


  • Go to this site and create your free account.
  • Open your account and click "Choose or drop a file from your computer".
  • Select the file you want to upload and click "Open"
  • Once added, click on your file and a new window will pop up. From there, copy the link and paste it on your Facebook timelines.

Step 2: Chirbit

Another way to share your files is through Chirbit. It is a tool that allows you to record your own audio and upload it for online sharing. You may also use this if you want to post songs that are stored on your computer. The thing with Chirbit is you can add unlimited files unto your account. But there is a restriction when it comes to the length of your file. Nevertheless, you can use this for free and here’s how:


  • Proceed to Chirbit website and sign up for a free account.
  • Click the “Upload” button and then add title and description for your file. Press on “Choose your file” and select the audio files you want to share.
  • If you want to make a recording before sharing, hit the “Record” button instead of Upload and start recording.
  • Once done, go to your feed to see your files.
  • Under your uploaded MP3, click on the share icon and choose Facebook. Make sure that you are already signed in to your account.

Step 3: SoundCloud

Aside from the two sites listed above, you may also rely on SoundCloud. This is a free audio sharing page that enables users to publish their own recording effortlessly. To engage more audience, the site adds a sharing feature which connects the SoundCloud account to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest. To start sharing MP3s with this, follow the detailed guide below:


  • Sign up and create your SoundCloud account.
  • Hit the Upload button and import the files you want to share.
  • To create a new recording, click on the “Start New Recording” button.
  • Enter the needed information for your MP3, such as title and descriptive tags, and then set the Sharing option to Public.
  • Once you’re done with this, select Facebook and hit Save.
  • Find the “Go to your sound” button and click on that. Now, press the “Share” and “Facebook” respectively. If you have not logged in to your account, sign in and then hit “Share” on Facebook to post your MP3.

Step 4: TIP 1: How to Save Audio From the Internet and Share It on Facebook

In case that your audio file is stored online and you can’t download the file or find another copy, then you can use Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder. Designed solely to record audio files coming from your computer, this is an efficient tool to save your MP3 for offline listening. Also, it is capable of detecting sounds from your microphone. So, you can add your own commentary while capturing your online audio. What makes this better than other apps is it saved your recording as MP3 automatically; thus, no need for conversion. Once you are done, you can now use the aforementioned sites to share your file on Facebook.

Step 5: TIP 2: Download Audio From Facebook

If you’re in the position that you need to save audio from Facebook, there are many downloading apps which you can use. One good example is Video Download Capture. It is a desktop program which serves as an excellent downloader for video and audio files. You may grab media files from different sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Ted, and Dailymotion. Moreover, there is a built-in browser which you can use to search for your file. So, if you don’t want to hassle yourself from switching between windows, this is a good app for you. Here’s how you can save offline files using this:

  • Download and install Video Download Capture to your computer.
  • Launch the program and choose “Audio” from the main menu.
  • Next, click on “Enable detector” and go to the “Detect” tab to open your Facebook account.
  • Play the file you want to download and the app will automatically download it as mp3.

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