How to Upload an Mp3 to YouTube (with Pictures)

Introduction: How to Upload an Mp3 to YouTube (with Pictures)

Without wasting time with Windows movie maker or other video editing software, you can use Audioship to upload an mp3, a podcast, a song or any other type of audio to Youtube in just minutes for free.

Step 1: Go to

Open your browser and visit

Step 2: Choose Your Mp3 File

Click on "CHOOSE AUDIO FILES TO GET STARTED" and select the mp3 file(s) you want to upload

Step 3: Authenticate Using Google or Facebook

Sign in to Audioship using Google or Facebook

Step 4: Select Your Youtube Channel

At the top of the page, select "ADD YOUTUBE ACCOUNT"

Step 5: Allow Audioship to Post to Your Youtube Channel

After selecting which Youtube channel you'd like to use, click Allow in the popup from Google

Step 6: Select Where You Want to Upload Your Song

Check the box next to the Youtube channel you want to upload your mp3

Step 7: Pick an Image for Your Video

Click on the image and choose one of the available images or upload your own in the "Custom" tab

Step 8: Edit Your Video Details

Edit title, description, privacy and tags for your YouTube video. If you have many videos uploaded at the same time, you can do a bulk edit using the checkboxes on the left

Step 9: Post to Youtube

Click on Post to Youtube to publish. If this button is inactive, make sure you selected which channel/account you're publishing to (top of page)

Step 10: Visit Your Video on Youtube

Under the "Submitted" section, click on the URL to watch your video on Youtube. Allow for some time for the video to be processed by Youtube.



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    awesome...very well put.

    That looks like a very user friendly setup :)