How to Use CGDI MB Collects All Key Lost Programming EIS Data Quickly

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When you do all key lost programming for Mercedes Benz you have to collect EIS data,it wil take you much time,here I want to share a solution,it only take you about 9 minutes to finish.

What Device You Need?

CGDI MB Programmer

CGDI MB AC Data Collection Adapter

Step 1: Build Connection Bettwen CGDI MB and Laptop

Connect CGDI MB to the computer and the AC adapter shown as the above image.

Click on "Wiring Diagram" of W210 all keys lost wiring to follow.

Step 2: Read EIS Data

Click on "Read EIS data", if it failed, try one more time until it succeed.

Step 3: Calculate Password

Click on "Computer password",then choose "Copy key without key", then "Collect Data", then "on Bench (second option)", then "OK".

Step 4: K-line Connection Build

Please unplug the direction lock (ELV) and connect the clip on the yellow line of the OBD line to the K-lin on the directional lock plug. (The most fine line in the directional lock connector is the K-line).

Step 5: Simulation Key

Collecting, please follow the prompts.

Please insert the simulation key within 1 minutes, if you have inserted, please pull out and try again.

Step 6: Collecting EIS Data

Collecting data, please wait... it will take about 7 minutes to collect the data.

Step 7: Save the EIS Data

Save the file successfully. Please upload the data to calculate Password.

Step 8: Upload Data

Click on "Upload Data".

Upload data successfully, please click the [Query Results] button to query.

Step 9: Computing Success

Query until you get "Computing success"message!

For more about CGDI MB Programmer test case and Benz key programmer case please check here:



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