How to Use: CHEAP Arduino Mp3 Shield for Making Robot Talk




Introduction: How to Use: CHEAP Arduino Mp3 Shield for Making Robot Talk

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This video is going to show you how to give your robot a voice for as cheap as possible. For some reason I had trouble, not only finding an inexpensive mp3 shield, but understanding the documentation as well. I figured I would share my code here to save people some time.

You will need an Elechouse mp3 shield, an SD card, and 2 small speakers (3 watt, 4 ohm work best).

Parts and code and be found here:

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Step 1: CODE:


SoftwareSerial Geno(7,8); // Rx , Tx

unsigned char Data[10]; unsigned char i;

void setup() { delay(1000); Geno.begin(9600); delay(1000); SetVolume(30);


void playTrack(int num){

delay(1000); Data[0] = 0x7E; Data[1] = 0x04; Data[2] = 0xA0; Data[3] = 0x00; Data[4] = 0x00 + num; Data[5] = 0x7E; Command(Data,5);

play_pause(); delay(3000); }

void SetVolume( int vol){ Data[0] = 0x7E; // START Data[1] = 0x03; // Length Not 0x02 Data[2] = 0xA7; // Command Data[3] = vol; // new volume Data[4] = 0x7E; // END Command(Data,5); }

void play_pause(){ Data[0] = 0x7E; // START Data[1] = 0x02; // Length Data[2] = 0xA3; // Command Data[3] = 0x7E; //Mode parameter Command(Data,4); }

void Command(unsigned char *Data, int length){ for(int i=0; i

void loop() {




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    Tiago Maciel

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    LOL! Good eye...I love her.


    3 years ago

    Thanks for doing this Instructable, super helpful for a project that I'm working on.

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