How to Use Cadence Custom IC Design Tool to Build the Schematic View of an Inverter

The CadenceCustom IC design tool, Virtuoso is a integrate circuit design tool which designers can design the shape, size, etc of integrate circuits before real fabrication. The objective of this instructable is to teach people how to use Virtuoso to build the schematic view (circuit level) of a simple inverter that is composed by a PMOS vertically connecting with a NMOS. To do this, first we need to create a schematic cell view in a library and then drawing a schematic inverter step by step.

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Step 1: Creating a Schematic Cell View

1.1 Creating a new library

Once we install the

Virtuoso software and open it up, a Library Manger Window pops up (figure 1). Click on File→New→Library. In the form that pops up, shown in Fig.2, type in the name of the library < Inverter> in the Name field and click on OK.

A Technology File window will pop up. For the library you just created, select “Do not need process information” and then click OK.

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