How to Use Cameras for Uber Beginners

This is my first time using a camera and i wanna share how it works with you guys.

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Step 1: The Flash

The little white bar in the corner is the flash. In front of your camera theirs a a circle with buttons it, and the one with the arrow that looks kinda like lighting, you press it and it bring up how to turn it off or on.

Step 2: What the Buttons Do on the Camera.

The buttons on the camera explain on it. ill explain it on the picture.

top left = recording for video

top right= settings

bottom left= your pictures

bottom right= setting again

the button that says "AUTO" is the button for deleting pictures.

the other 3 buttons are for setting basically.

Step 3: How to Know Where Your Memory Card Goes and Where to Find It.

You push that thing out and you put you memory battery in there.

Step 4: How to Charge Your Camera.

At first i didn't know what that thing was but until i opened it, it popped in my head that it was charger because that plugin in the camera. That plugin thing, if you plug it in your computer it will it pop up your picture and videos.

Step 5: How to Wrap a Camera on Your Arm to Carry It.

You put your hand inside the strings and that small little black thing is tightening thing. you tighten it around your hand or arm.

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    2 years ago

    This is a good start. I would love to see you do one on something that really interests you.


    2 years ago

    The style of your Canon looks similar to my old Olympus