How to Use Car Vacuum Cleaner or Tyre Inflator at Home

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Things Required

DC Power Supply Driver 12V 10Amp 120W used for CCTV - ( INR 600.Rs )

Plastic Enclosure (Electrical Switch Box) - ( INR 120.Rs )

Car Cigarette Lighter Socket 12V - ( INR 80.Rs )

3 Pin Power Plug Cable - ( INR 50.Rs)

Terminal 2 Position Wall Plate - (INR 10.Rs)

12V PC Fan - ( INR 30.Rs )

Mini voltmeter tester Digital voltage (Optional) Used as i had it 1 laying around. ( INR 200. Rs )

Totally you can get Everything for around ( INR 1,000 Rs) ( 15 $ )

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Step 1: 12V 10Amp 120W DC Power Supply Driver Used for CCTV

Step 2: Plastic Enclosure (Electrical Switch Box)

Step 3: Car Cigarette Lighter Socket (12V)

Step 4: PC Fan 12V

Step 5: Mini Voltmeter Tester Digital Voltage (Optional)

Step 6: Power Plug Cable 3 Pin

Step 7: Terminal 2 Position Wall Plate (can Be Used for Other Expansion Purposes)

Step 8: Explanation on Parts & Inside View

Step 9: Explanation on Parts & Inside View

Step 10: Sketch

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    3 years ago

    Great instructable, I've been looking for something to serve this very purpose.

    Do you find that the placement of the fan has much effect on heat dissipation?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, thank you im glad that i helped you :) .& regarding the fan i have mounted it little bit higher from ground level of box given down below with rubber spacers... & i suggest you to add few more holes on the top cover of the box.