How to Use Data Recovery Wizard Software

Introduction: How to Use Data Recovery Wizard Software

Windows Operating System is a powerful and largely used more than half of the populations. It is the program that bring into play and manages the hardware and other software on a computer. As all we know that Windows OS is developed by Microsoft. They also provides some commonly used business applications like: MS Word, Access, Power-point, Spreadsheet and many more.

Sometimes due to technical errors, software or hardware failure, virus intrusion and many more, which effects Windows OS, its FAT and NTFS hard-disk partitions leads to data damage or corruption. And if you are undergoing with data loss or data corruption then it’s no doubt that Data Recovery Wizard has a solution to recover the Windows lost, corrupted deleted data.

There are few features Windows Data Recovery Software: it can recover data from dead hard drive also. It supports all versions of Windows including latest version Windows 10. It is the fastest recovery process and also keeps data integrity. No file size restrictions, software recovers all files size.

Step 1: Select Desirable Recovery Option

When user run the Windows Data Recovery Software, it will ask you to select the desirable recovery process. The Software provides you the five recovery mode.

Step 2: Showing Hidden Partition of Hard Disk

When you proceed to second step, software will show you the hidden partition of the disk also. Select the partition and recover the data from that partition.

Step 3: Software Analyse the Lost Data

In third step, software will analyse the data and recover bit by bit with maintaining data integrity. It will also shows you the recovery process.

Step 4: Preview of Recovered Data

In this step software will preview the recovered files and folders. It will also provides you the option to restore the selected/desirable files if you don't want to restore all recovered files.



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    Windows data recovery tool is a very effective and secure way to recover
    deleted or inaccessible data from a Windows computer system. The
    software enables you to get back data from formatted or damaged Windows
    hard disk and Windows FAT/NTFS partitions. It also supports to retrieve
    data from SATA, PEN, ZIP, IDE, EIDE, SCSI and USB drives. For more
    information, visit: