How to Use IR With Arduino

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Intro: How to Use IR With Arduino

This instructable will show you how to use an IR remote and Reciever with Arduino.
I got a kit from GearBest that has everything in it that you will need for this project, also this kit is very good for beginners and i would recommend you check it out here

The parts you will need are:

1) IR Reciever

2) IR Remote (any kind will do)


Step 1: Connect Everything

This is super simple to do just fallow the picture and you will be golden!

Step 2: Program It


Use the example code "IRRECORD" for this

Step 3: Your Done!

You should now get a read out on your serial port!

If you have any questions leave them in the comments, thanks



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    2 years ago

    Like most projects that I have seen the sensor is connected in the simplest way. If you check the data sheet you will find just a slightly more complicated circuit. My testing indicates these circuits ( for just a few pennies ) significantly improve accuracy. Author, why not check the data sheet and see what you think.

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