How to Use Matches for Survival



Introduction: How to Use Matches for Survival

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Matches are not the best for survival. Why? Because matches

are often easily blown out by the wind and are not waterproof. If you really want to you use matches you should make or purchase waterproof matches. Quite frankly, even waterproof matches aren’t even all that great. If you have a lighter in your bug-out-bug, use it to start your fire. Lighters last longer and burn better than matches. But if you don’t have a lighter, flint, or a ferro rod, matches will be better than nothing though.

On the market, there are tons of different types of matches. Which one is the best for survival? With no doubt, the best survival matches on the market are long matches. They are over 10 inches long and are great for starting fires. They burn longer and more tensely. However, long matches aren’t great for bug-out-bags due to their size. Hence, storm matches are great for bug-out-bags. They are not much bigger than an ordinary match, but they are waterproof and windproof. They are very expensive though and do not burn longer than long matches. The biggest mistake you can make is to put ordinary makes in your survival kit or bug-out-bag. Always have more sophisticated matches tin your kit, but again nothing is more packable and easy than a pocket lighter.

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